The Art of Richard Turansky

"Richard Turansky is at once mindful of artistic tradition and decidedly contemporary. His art gives one a candid glimpse into the existential psyche, all conveyed with a classical sense of composition and an insistently realistic drawing style. Although the artist's command of the technical aspects of his craft are formidable, form and technique often take a back seat to tone and theme. His paintings are more than just pictures; they are stories - rich, frank, frightening and beautiful accounts of human experience. Often set at night, his paintings are haunting, and the impressions they leave in the viewer's mind are indelible. His efficacy, however, owes nothing to sensationalism or illusion. Rather, it is the artist's utterly honest treatment of his subjects and their carnal lives that make his work so mesmerizing. Turansky's art is frank to the point of starkness. It is, therefore, with considerable providence that the artist has so frequently chosen nudes as the subjects for his paintings. Speaking both literally and figuratively, Turansky is interested in the human being in its stripped down form."

-B. W.

Last Update: 12-17-21