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Theo Wujcik
Artist Theo Wujcik (1936–2014) was a true original and his work defies categorization. One of the Tampa Bay area’s best-known artists, he was prolific, experimental, and completely dedicated to art, producing an exceptional and eclectic body of fine graphic art (drawing and printmaking) and painting.

Robert Mugge
Music filmmaker and documentarian who has been capturing the essence of great musical performers since the 1970s.

Lizurej Design - Paintings and Photography
Marzena's art is an expression of pure joy. Her work offers a combination of color and energy that stimulates the mind and the soul. Spending time with one of her paintings can be equally healing and soothing as meditation.

Zoe Keating
A Canadian-born cellist and composer based in San Francisco, California.

Belinda Eaton - paintings and portraits
British artist whose magic realism paintings and portraits evoke a world of colour, vivid characters, swirling spaces, uncontained energy that can’t be trapped by the limits of the canvas.

Antoine Art
Oil & Acrylic Painting, Pencil & Charcoal Drawing, Photography

Paintings Directory
Annuaire de sites de peintures et services pour les peintres. Classement des artistes par mouvements artistiques, thématiques et pays.